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  • Mirka Reseller

    The best deals on all genuine Mirka products available on-line.

    Mirka systems deals include full boxes of 50 abranet discs unlike our competitors who supply small packs of ten!!

  • Mirka-branded pneumatic sanding machines

    have been manufactured since the late 1990s and electric sanding machines were added to the range in 2005.

    Today, the company's machine and tool range includes also industrial vacuum cleaners, polishing machines and different kind of equipments for sanding of walls and roofs.

    In 2009, equipment product development entered a new pioneer phase when Mirka's light and effective electric sanding machine, CEROS, was successfully launched.

  • Mirka Ceros Features

    * Compact sander, L-class extractor and Abranet abrasive discs
    * Smooth, quiet and very powerful CEROS sander
    * Compact as sander is separate from transformer
    * Extractor with auto-switching and variable suction
    * Abranet discs, dust free sanding with no clogging

  • Mirka Reseller

    We hold large stocks of all Mirka products.

    Except in exceptional circumstances your goods will arrive on next day delivery

  • Mirka Reseller

    As an authorised supplier of all Mirka products.

    We can pass on all manufacturers guarantees and offer exceptional after sales service for consumables and spares.

Featured Products

Mirka Abrasives from KCP in the UK

Buy Mirka tools and abrasives securely online at low prices

Welcome to Mirka Sales, we are authorised suppliers of the Mirka Product Range. We are proud to supply Mirka's revolutionary and unique sanding systems and abrasives online; buy from us at a competitive price for any order quantity.

Mirka Abrasives have been developed for durability and efficiency to make your job easier while providing a competitive finish for a cost effective price. The Mirka dust-free system also aids in remarkably improving the work environment by reducing the amount of potentially dangerous particles emitted through the sanding process without clogging the discs.

With such a vast range of specialised abrasives, the different Mirka systems mean we can carry a specific sanding medium to match almost any job, from automotive smart repairs, through to wood turning and even polishing bowling balls and refinishing alloy wheels.

If you require assistance in choosing the right Mirka sanding medium then feel free to get in touch via phone on 01622 691591 or 07860 637505.

Advantages of Mirka Abrasives:

  • Multifunctional product used both within the automotive and wood industries as well as on composite materials.
  • Durable and long-lasting design makes each disc last much longer than a competitor's product, so while cost per disc may be higher the disc will last much longer.
  • Dust Free Sanding for a safer workplace.
  • Uniform sanding pattern that gives a perfectly smooth surface.
Mirka Brand
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